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Our honourable ex president Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is no more

APJ Sir Last min in shilong

Ex president of indoa Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam often known as missile man died today on 27 Jul 2015. He was an Indian scientist who served as the 11thPresident of India from 2002 to 2007. Kalam was elected President of India in 2002 with the support of both the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. According to one report Kalam, who reached Shillong via Guwahati in the morning, collapsed during a lecture at the Indian Institute of Management-Shillong (IIM-S) around 6:30 pm and rushed to the Bethany Hospital there. Doctors at the hospital said he was brought dead around 7pm. “He had no pulse when he was admitted to the hospital. We can attribute his death to cardiac arrest,” a doctor said.
i like one of his best quote "dream is not what you see in sleep it is something that doesn't let you sleep".

people say that our former President APJ Abdul kalam was dead yesterday but I think he lives inside us for forever. He live in our thoughts. we …

Humans to be able to download brain and live forever soon!

Humans to be able to download brain and live forever soon! The human brain works like a complex circuit board which could be recreated on a computer. Humans could download their brain on to a computer and live forever inside a machine, a Cambridge neuro scientist has claimed.Dr Hannah Critchlow said that if a computer could be built to recreate the 100 trillion connections in the brain their it would be possible to exist inside a programme.

Dr Critchlow, who spoke at the Hay Festival on ‘busting brain myths’ said that although the brain was enormously complex, it worked like a large circuit board and scientists were beginning to understand the function of each part. Asked if it would be possible one day to download consciousness onto a machine, she said: “If you had a computer that could make those 100 trillion circuit connections then that circuit is what makes us us, and so, yes, it would be possible.

“People could probably live inside a machine. Potentially, I think it is definite…

Chronology Disparity

Jschwjsch Pelegon leaves earth around 40,000 years ago. For 7000 years, or 700 years earth was avoided and became wild. Jschwjsch Atlant and
Jschrisch Karyatide returned (along with many others) 133,000 Earth years ago or 33,000 Earth years ago in the latest episode, under the leadership of Atlant, the continent of Atlantis, which had been headed for again and again, and used for millennia, was expanded and made habitable in the usual globalizing fashion. While under the command of his wife Karyatide (Gender Equality), Lesser Atlantis or smaller-Atlantis (Santorini region) came into existence.

Concurrently her cousin Muras built the gigantic city of Mu in the Gobi desert (China). For thousands of years they lived in friendship and peace a whole 1,800 years to be precise. Until some scientists exalted themselves  by the old thirst for might and power, and tried to seize the government(s). But the nations rose up against them and fled into space 15,000 years ago or 115,000 Earth years …

Universe May exist inside a Black Hole

Our universe may exist inside a black hole. This may sound strange, but it could actually be the best explanation of how the universe began, and what we observe today. It’s a theory that has been explored over the past few decades by a small group of physicists including astronaut.
Successful as it is, there are notable unsolved questions with the standard bigbang theory, which suggests that the universe began as a seemingly impossible “singularity,” an infinitely small point containing an infinitely high concentration of matter, expanding in size to what we observe today. The theory of inflation, a super-fast expansion of space proposed in recent decades, fills in many important details, such as why slight lumps in the concentration of matter in the early universe coalesced into large celestial bodies such as galaxies and clusters of galaxies. But these theories leave major questions unresolved. For example: What started the big bang? What caused inflation to end? What is the source…

Abhimanyu : A warrior in the womb: Proof Advanced Ancient Hindu Science

In Mahabharatha, when Subhadra was pregnant, Arjun told her the secret of entering the chakravyuh. When he was explaining the exit procedure, Subhadra fell asleep. Hence Abhimanyu learned the entrance procedure while he was in Subhadra’s womb and he never had the chance to learn the exit
There was a time when people criticized this concept of a child learning from the womb of a mother. But further scientific developments have made things very clear and modern science says that it is very much possible.
In his book “Right Brain Education in Infancy” by Dr. Makoto Shichida, world-renowned founder of over 350 Child Academies in Japan says, the right brain is active during gestation. Furthermore, the imaging right brain is the center for extra sensory perception, or ESP.

He further adds cells are sensitive and can transmit subtle energy patterns to the brain, a child has extra sensory perception in the womb. The unborn baby uses the cells of his developing body to gain inform…

The Arcturians

Arcturians are believed to originate from the Bootes constellation and exist in the fifth and fourth dimensions of space and time. Arcturians are the known supreme power in our galaxy, protecting many civilizations from the evil agendas of other alien races.
Arcturian Aliens believe in a higher state of being and have mastered many aspects of today’s modern age belief of New Age Thinking. Arcturians have vested many of their resources to defend Earth from the Reptilian and Grey Aliens and their agendas. Arcturians have vested many of their resources to defend Earth from the Reptilian and Grey Aliens and their agendas. Although some aliens have eluded capture from the Arcturians, it is said that it is only a matter of time before they are captured.

Today, the Arcturian Aliens have their most powerful star-ship Athenaorbiting between the asteroid belt and the planet Jupiter. This Arcturian ship has thwarted off many attacks by the Grey Aliens and Reptilians who wish to enslave the human …

The Big Bang Theory

The Belief is that there was nothing. And suddenly something happened to nothing. And accidentally the nothing magically exploded (without energy, matter, particle, time, atom anything) for no reason. And this explosion created everything, the bunch of everything made Gases, Air, Matter, Particle, Liquid, Temperature, Physics laws, Energy, Time. After that everything is magically rearranged itself for no reason! what so ever into self replicating bits, which converted to cells. then large meteor attacked on earth which splitted moon from earth. Then cells converted to gigantic beasts dinosaurs. Then gigantic beasts died because of meteorite, who survived magically evolved to birds and small mammals like sloth, got place of Saber Tooth Tiger, Mammoth, Ancient Ape Humans, (Lemur converted to ape, Ape converted to Human). Then Mammoth, Saber Tooth, Dire wolves died in Ice Age. Don't know how Ape-man survived, and ape tribe from Africa traveled to Australia, Asia, Europe, in Small is…

How to Delete Shortcut Virus

Want to delete Shortcut Virus from your Pen Drive or from your storage system?
Here is the step of deleting this shortcut virus permanently without using any software.
      1.  Insert the Pen Drive from which you want to remove that shortcut virus. 
      2.  I recommend you to show the extension of files you can easily enable this threw Folder Option.

      3.  If you want to remove shortcut virus from system startup and windows directory for this open task manager and end the wscript process in process tab.
      4. Delete all temp files from %temp% folder.       5.  Open cmd.exe and type attrib –h –r –s /s /d F:\*. *                 -  Here F: is your removable Drive                 -  You can change it to where drive the virus is located
     6. Remove the file which has .VBS extension. This is your virus file.
      7.  Check your drive again. The folders are now retrieved together with the shortcut viruses.  -  Remove unnecessary files, the shortcut files that are not supposed …

A Few Windows XP Tips

Reach Run quickly
Here's a quicker way to reach the Run dialog box, if you don't want to go through the Start menu. Just hit the Windows key + R.
Looking for a better screen font display? Enable ClearType, Microsoft's trademark font display technology, for a drastic improvement in screen font rendering. Right-click anywhere on your desktop. Now select Properties. Under the Appearance tab, click Effects. Check the box for Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts, and in the drop-down menu, select ClearType. Press OK, and apply the change.
Change your mouse pointer scheme Bored of the same old arrow? To change your mouse pointer scheme, in the Control Panel, select Mouse and go to the Pointers tab. Scroll through the available schemes, pick one that you like and click Apply.
Check that your Windows Firewall is turned on To make sure your Windows Firewall hasn't been accidentally disabled, go to your Control Panel and click Windows Firewall. Make sure the radio b…

Top 10 Unanswered Science Questions

There are many questions which are not answered by Science. But here is the list of top 10 questions. 10. What is the universe made for?
9. How did life begin?
8. Are we alone in the universe?
7. What is consciousness?
6. Why do we dream?
5. Are there other universe?
4. Where do we put all the carbon?
3. What’s so weird about prime number?
2. What’s at the bottom of the ocean?

1. What’s at the bottom of a black hole?