Abhimanyu : A warrior in the womb: Proof Advanced Ancient Hindu Science

In Mahabharatha, when Subhadra was pregnant, Arjun told her the secret of entering the chakravyuh. When he was explaining the exit procedure, Subhadra fell asleep. Hence Abhimanyu learned the entrance procedure while he was in Subhadra’s womb and he never had the chance to learn the exit
There was a time when people criticized this concept of a child learning from the womb of a mother. But further scientific developments have made things very clear and modern science says that it is very much possible.
In his book “Right Brain Education in Infancy” by Dr. Makoto Shichida, world-renowned founder of over 350 Child Academies in Japan says, the right brain is active during gestation. Furthermore, the imaging right brain is the center for extra sensory perception, or ESP.

He further adds cells are sensitive and can transmit subtle energy patterns to the brain, a child has extra sensory perception in the womb. The unborn baby uses the cells of his developing body to gain information from the world around him, which is transmitted to his right brain hemisphere.
Unless there is interference, the right brain hemisphere is capable of putting extra sensory impressions on the screen of the mind, which is how it got the name image brain. Young children are highly receptive when it comes to extra sensory impressions because the left brain is not dominant in children up until the age of six or seven.

Dr. Shichida found that young children can be easily trained in ESP and that babies in the womb have ESP. He believes this is because the fetal right brain hemisphere is active while the left brain hemisphere is dormant.


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