The Big Bang Theory

The Belief is that there was nothing. And suddenly something happened to nothing. And accidentally the nothing magically exploded (without energy, matter, particle, time, atom anything) for no reason. And this explosion created everything, the bunch of everything made Gases, Air, Matter, Particle, Liquid, Temperature, Physics laws, Energy, Time. After that everything is magically rearranged itself for no reason! what so ever into self replicating bits, which converted to cells. then large meteor attacked on earth which splitted moon from earth. Then cells converted to gigantic beasts dinosaurs. Then gigantic beasts died because of meteorite, who survived magically evolved to birds and small mammals like sloth, got place of Saber Tooth Tiger, Mammoth, Ancient Ape Humans, (Lemur converted to ape, Ape converted to Human). Then Mammoth, Saber Tooth, Dire wolves died in Ice Age. Don't know how Ape-man survived, and ape tribe from Africa traveled to Australia, Asia, Europe, in Small islands like Hawai without boats. And We all are joined with Cosmic Mother from Africa, Nobody know How, then those Ape-Tribes made Egyptian, Indian, Persian, Arab, Greek, Mayan and all civilization and story of Human Began. That make sense Adam-Eve Theory wrong. Ancient Books, Holy Bible, Holy Quran, Holy Vedas, Holy Tripitaka, Holy Guru Granth Sahiba and Holy Bhagavad Gita and also Ancient people also are fake. All are wrong but Cosmic Mother of Africa theory, we all are connected by one mother-Father's DNA of African Ape Tribe, that makes sense, What a Logic!

One Meteorite threw moon away from Earth from Pacific Ocean, Another meteorite caused end of Dinosaurs. One more meteorite caused Ice Age. But no huge meteorite clashed on Earth since Human is on Earth. That is natural belief it or not Big Bang Theory is wrong and Theory of Evolution is partially true.


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