How to Delete Shortcut Virus

Want to delete Shortcut Virus from your Pen Drive or from your storage system?
Here is the step of deleting this shortcut virus permanently without using any software.

      1.  Insert the Pen Drive from which you want to remove that shortcut virus. 

      2.  I recommend you to show the extension of files you can easily enable this threw Folder Option.

      3.  If you want to remove shortcut virus from system startup and windows directory for this open task manager and end the wscript process in process tab.

      4. Delete all temp files from %temp% folder.
      5.  Open cmd.exe and type attrib –h –r –s /s /d F:\ *. *
                -  Here F: is your removable Drive
                -  You can change it to where drive the virus is located

     6. Remove the file which has .VBS extension. This is your virus file.

      7.  Check your drive again. The folders are now retrieved together with the shortcut viruses.
 -  Remove unnecessary files, the shortcut files that are not supposed to be there.
 -  You might find autorun.inf or desktop.ini; simply delete them.


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